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Pastor Bernie Le Battie
As a family man, Bernie Le Battie has been
IMG 5644married to Cathy Le Battie for the past 37 years.
He is also the father of 3 beautiful, daughters
who are married, and together with Cathy,
they are the proud grand-parents of 6 grand-children.
He is the presiding pastor of Family Restoration
Ministries – a church who has the redemptive gift
of working for the restoration of families. He is also
the founder of Family Dynamix which is a marriage
enrichment ministry which has been in existence for
15 years; furthermore, he is the founder of another
marriage enrichment ministry called Family Friendship
which celebrated their 20th year anniversary in 2009.
As a servant of God, he utilises all available avenues to
spread God’s message of restoration, healing and hope.
He speaks extensively on television, marriage seminars,
Radio programs and conferences, both on a national
and international level. He addresses many marriage
groups which have been established within churches, and
makes himself available to the body of Christ at large.

He is a marriage officer and is a strong proponent of premarital
counselling as a pre-requisite for marriage. He
counsels widely and is a father to many. Mentoring is high
on his agenda and in this regards he believes in this if we
are going to build a new generation to face the challenges
of the future.

Last, but not least, he authored a book “Impact your
marriage by improving your spouse’s partner”, where he
addresses the very controversial issue of submission with
sensitivity. This will be followed by a book on Headship,
which will obviously bring the balance to this contentious

Bernie advocates aggressively that marriage is the first
institution that God created, even before government and
the church. “If God is going to impact the world, He will, as
always, begin with the family” he says.

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